How Does  Our Procedure Work?
  1. Call 281-381-4951 With The Year, Make, And Model Of Your Vehicle.
  2. Send Us Pictures Of Your Vehicle For Review.
  3. We Send This Information To Over 50 Buyers In Our Network.
  4. We Seek Only The Highest Priced Educated Bidders.
  5. You Will Be Contacted For Cash Payment And Scheduled For Free Pickup.
 How Much do We Pay for Your Car?
 There Is A National Average For Each Car, Truck or SUV, etc. In Addition On Top of The National Average We Seek Above That Through Our Registered Bidder Network.
What Do You Do After You Sell your Vehicle?
After You Sell Your Vehicle, Make Sure You Follow These Steps:

  1. Remove The License Plates from your Vehicle.
  2. Sign The VTR-346 Transfer Notification Form Issue By Buyer.
  3. Keep the VTR-346 As A receipt For You Records.
What Do We Do With Your Vehicle?
Most Vehicles Are Scraped And/Or Recycled For Fresh Metal.
Why Are We The Best?
We Encourage Everyone To Shop Around For The Best Price For Your Vehicle Before You Sell Your car, Truck or SUV. We Are Confident We can Offer You The Highest Price, The Quickest Removal, And the Best Service To Get On With The Rest Of Your Life. We Know Your Time Is Valuable And We Honor That By Not Wasting it!
So What Are Your Waiting For… Let That Junk Go now!  That Junk Is Just Draining You And Your Time by being In The Driveway, Street, Or Garage!

Get Rid Of That Junker Today And Get Top Dollar!

STEP 1 – CALL 281-381-4951



Our Testimonials

I wanted to THANK the Team for servicing and repairing my truck on such short notice. The window works just like new.It is good to know that there are Service companies out there that still stand behind their work and their service.
I have had my car in for service twice since moving to Atlanta. Both times, the service has been exceptional. My car is running better than it has in a long time. I wanted you to know that I’m proud to refer your facility to anyone.
Time is important and no less so in a small business that does not overcharge their customers and pays their workers fair wages- and I am sincerely grateful that your mechanic spent some of his precious time listening to our concerns.